015.11.01 BASIC EMILY is not available with BROWM, GREEN, or BLUE EYES.
Offered as both a BASIC or FULL SET you can now add EMILY to your collection through this site.


Offered as both a BASIC or FULL SET you can now add EMILY to your collection through this site.






Luncheon with a special LENNY SOUVENIR DOLL. ( click HERE for more information  )

2016.05.05.23 Madison Height. MI.

( click HERE for more information  )

2016.10.23 Binghampton, NY.

60th Anniversary Luncheon - Broom County Doll Club with a special LOULOU SOUVENIR DOLL. ( click HERE for more information  )




Affordable Designs - Canada is proud of its BeJu Dolls line of BJD Dolls.  Just like Leeann did for the vinyl doll collectors this new line is designed to make the BJD hobby more affordable, more accessible and hopefully bring it to a new group of collectors while appealing to the core BJD hobbyists too.

WHAT ARE BJD DOLLS ?   They are the current generation of Ball Jointed Dolls, made of resin and assembled with elastics.  Ball jointed dolls have been in existence since "forever" but the BJD Dolls as we know them today originated in Japan in 1999.  Those interested in the history of the Ball Jointed Doll and its evolution into the current BJD dolls are welcome to read more about them.

How are BeJu Dolls different from any other BJD Dolls being currently offered ? 

BeJu Dolls are... "Ready to Enjoy" since they are sold with default face paint,  eyes and wig.  No sanding, no painting, no assembly required. They are ready to enjoy right out of the box.  Furthermore, all BeJu Dolls are offered while IN STOCK which means there is no need for long waiting periods.   You purchase, you pay, we ship, you enjoy !  We are hoping the "Ready to Enjoy" concept will allow collectors who were previously intimidated by the prospect of having to assemble, paint, and customize their new dolls with eyes and wig, to finally enjoy all that BJD dolls have to offer right out of the box.

BeJu Dolls are... "Customizable" since they offer the experienced hobbyist ( and new ones alike ) the possibility to change the eyes, create new face paint, change wigs and even create your own wigs with our BeJu PVC Hard Wig Caps.  Imagine being able to create a wig to match a special outfit.  The BeJu PVC Hard Wig Caps are custom fitted to our dolls and allow you to sew, root, glue, mold onto them whatever your imagination desires.  It could be hair, fabric, yarn, flowers, etc...  and the completed custom wigs are as easy to wear as putting on a new hat.  Of course Beju Dolls can also wear regular wigs.

BeJu Dolls are... part of a larger family of dolls. Since they are being
produced by the same Canadian company who brought you the Leeann and friends doll line they have been designed in the same scale/proportions so that both lines can share clothing, shoes, accessories, and sewing patterns.

You are invited to browse the pages of this website and discover the world of BeJu Dolls for yourself.

I hope you enjoy this new doll line.  Affordable Designs - Canada is happy to be putting its own stamp on the BJD World.


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